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It's been too long.

2009-06-29 01:38:20 by P-51

I notice that there are a few more changes here now. What I'm most excited about now is the fact that newgrounds is sharing ad revenue. That shit's so cash. So have they finally released pico 2? It's been about 5 years now and nothing right? I'm now situated so here's hoping I make some new stuff. I've gotten really rusty so I'm going to relearn some flash.

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yeah you guys like the cock XD

now what to do?

Testing new embed option....

2008-04-19 23:10:33 by P-51

with a strange video

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No flash for you

2008-03-17 01:39:11 by P-51

I got invited to a nookass st patrick's day party, so you guys won't see a flash from me. maybe the 20th. I'm probably just delaying my first flash's blam or something, but whatever.

I got Brawl

2008-03-11 01:09:31 by P-51

and It's the mega tits. This game is pure fun. I'm satisfied for now but I'm coming back for more tomorrow. Despite the gripes I had about the information that's been spoon-fed to me by youtube and the official site itself, it still succeeded in becoming something really great. when playing with the finished product, all these little issues I had seemed non existent. The physics (noticable the most in ice climbers stage) made the game run smoother than melee and gave it a nice controlling flow. I'm looking forward to playing on wi-fi. If you don't have this game you are missing out. If you don't care then enjoy your WoW and Halo. and I mean this in a positive light (you see, the effect of a great game is that it mellows you out long after you play)

first flash on saint patrick's day

2008-02-15 02:06:44 by P-51

I'm going to work on a flash and set the release date on st. patrick's day? why? because It's a generous amount of time. a good flash shouldn't take less than 48 hours to at least make the ground work. I'm giving myself a generous timeline due in part by college, some unforeseen responsibilities I might undertake between now and march 17th, not only that but I'm going to be playing some brawl when it comes out and that alone might consume a lot of time. I'll set up an update on NG alpha so that I might get some feedback on what I should improve upon and other general input. It may be my first submission but I'm aiming to make gold (or at least bronze) instead of shit.

EDIT:I decided not to make an NG alpha, since I decided not to start on a pilot episode of a series I desired to work on for the longest time. Instead I'll make something else, like a compilation of animatics, future game ideas, and what not, like a montage of things to come in '08 from Project 51.

I don't feel like submitting anything to the portal anytime soon. In the mean time there are gifs that would probably have been stand alones if I had no sense whatsoever. I'm slowly getting comfortable with flash, learning new techniques and what not, now all that's left is a crash course in action script. I hate scripting anything to no end, but I've found that some of the things I really want to do with flash involves scripting, which just plain sucks ass. So my first submission may be mid february or early march. I'm making sure that I don't submit crap, like the 13 year olds of newgrounds or various groups notorious for really crappy movies. Why would you do this anyways?

I made another gif and it's finished today


2008-01-26 16:06:28 by P-51

so I made an animated gif this morning. I can tell you if it were a stand alone flash I swear it would've had the shit blammed out of it. I had fun with it and that's all that really matters at this point.



2008-01-25 01:07:22 by P-51

I finally did something significant today. I made a thread devoted to my artwork, quick or fully timed, old or new. You can find it here. Unfortunately my scanner is shit and I'm not going to use a camera. However I'll probably experiment with animated gifs. If anybody sees some potential in these animated gifs then I might give the flash portal a go with an animation or two. either way I expect to get something done this week.