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I made another gif and it's finished today

2008-01-27 22:04:13 by P-51

I don't feel like submitting anything to the portal anytime soon. In the mean time there are gifs that would probably have been stand alones if I had no sense whatsoever. I'm slowly getting comfortable with flash, learning new techniques and what not, now all that's left is a crash course in action script. I hate scripting anything to no end, but I've found that some of the things I really want to do with flash involves scripting, which just plain sucks ass. So my first submission may be mid february or early march. I'm making sure that I don't submit crap, like the 13 year olds of newgrounds or various groups notorious for really crappy movies. Why would you do this anyways?

I made another gif and it's finished today


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2008-01-31 18:27:52

looks like a parody of advanced wars.

P-51 responds: