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I got Brawl

2008-03-11 01:09:31 by P-51

and It's the mega tits. This game is pure fun. I'm satisfied for now but I'm coming back for more tomorrow. Despite the gripes I had about the information that's been spoon-fed to me by youtube and the official site itself, it still succeeded in becoming something really great. when playing with the finished product, all these little issues I had seemed non existent. The physics (noticable the most in ice climbers stage) made the game run smoother than melee and gave it a nice controlling flow. I'm looking forward to playing on wi-fi. If you don't have this game you are missing out. If you don't care then enjoy your WoW and Halo. and I mean this in a positive light (you see, the effect of a great game is that it mellows you out long after you play)


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2008-03-11 01:10:25

dammit ur lucky i still cant get my hands on a wii

P-51 responds:

yeah. I had mine since July.